The Educated Franchisee - Second Edition

altWhat is the "best franchise opportunity" or "the most profitable franchises"?  Easy question - but very hard to answer. Why? Because what may be an excellent franchise opportunity for one prospective franchisee may be a disaster for the next.


The Educated Franchisee turns anyone thinking about buying a franchise into an educated, savvy buyer. The book has three main sections:


Part One: Even before looking at any franchise opportunity, you need to start with the most important question: Is buying a franchise the right decision for me? The first part of The Educated Franchisee helps you answer this question.


Part Two: How do I tell the difference between a great franchise opportunity and a lack luster one? What tools are need to evaluate which franchise opportunity is right for me? How do I use these tools to be sure that I buy the right franchise? Part two gives you all the tools you need to evaluate whether the buying of a particular franchise will work for you.


Part Three: Signing the franchise agreement is just the start. Part three focuses on practical advice for franchise ownership: What should I expect as a franchisee? What is the first thing I should do after signing the franchise agreement? How can I make sure I am happy in my role as a franchisee?


If you're evaluating which franchise opportunity will be right for you, grab your copy of The Educated Franchisee. It'll be one of the most important books you'll read before buying a franchise.

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