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Finding just the right franchise opportunity takes both time and effort.  As described in The Educated Franchisee, the first step is to identify reliable franchise resources.  Places and people you can rely on to give you great information about various franchise opportunities.  The websites listed below are some of the best on the web.  Not only can they provide you with value information on a given franchise opportunity, they also can act as franchise resources with articles and advice


In Chapter 9 of The Educated Franchisee we discuss how these franchise opportunity websites can be used as franchise resources to gather information.  Take some time to explore the information these websites provide.


There are several reputable franchise opportunity web sites.  Feel free to safely explore the franchise resources available at any of the following websites:



Premier Franchise Opportunity Websites



Bison, Inc  (Franchise Opportunity website)

Since 1995, BISON has been recognized as a leading online franchise resource. Featuring the nation’s fastest-growing franchises and business opportunities, BISON has always worked hard to match qualified entrepreneurs with successful businesses.

Our goal is to provide timely franchise information in a format that is well-organized, easy to navigate and valuable to the reader, and we pride ourselves in providing high-quality leads to our franchisor clients. Prospects can browse the franchise showcases alphabetically or by category, search for franchise news, and gain franchise-related advice from industry experts.

BISON is a pure lead site, dedicated to protecting our visitors’ personal information.



Franchise Gator (Franchise Opportunity website)

Franchise Gator is a leading destination on the internet for researching and requesting additional information on 1,000’s of franchise and business opportunities.  Entrepreneurs can visit and find investment, training, and start up information to help them in their quest for their own business. They can customize their search based on location, industry and start up cash available.  Gator also offers helpful articles and tips on everything from picking the right franchise and to how to get financing.




Other Franchise Opportunity Websites

World Franchising (Franchise Opportunity website)


WhichFranchise (Franchise Opportunity website) (Franchise Opportunity website)

Franchise Solutions  (Franchise Opportunity website) (Franchise Opportunity website)


The Franchise Mall (Franchise Opportunity website)


If you are looking for information on a franchise opportunity, the above mentioned websites can be a great starting place.  Even though the content is predominantly advertising driven, you should find the franchise resources to be reliable.  Good luck.

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