Franchise Data and Analysis

In measuring business opportunities, access to good data and analysis can be vital.  The franchise business is no exception.  Franchise opportunities flourish where the data and analysis support growth.  The best place to begin gathering data is directly from the franchisor.  Any high quality franchise business will have access to the data impacting its business model.  But keep in mind, the franchise opportunity usually pays a considerable fee for this data.  In The Educated Franchisee you can access much of this data for free - download center


There are also companies that supply independent surveys on specific franchise opportunities.  These surveys usually include interviews with franchisees from the specific franchise business and a general sense for the health of the system.  Although these should not be used in lieu of your due diligence, they can be a useful starting place.


If you want to gather general data on the franchise business, there are other places to look.  Every few years a comprehensive study is conducted on the franchise business.  A few of these studies are listed here for download.  Also listed are various companies that offer packages or specialized studies on either the franchise business or on specific franchise opportunities.  Although these studies can be costly, in some cases, they are the only place to secure the data you may need.


Franchise Data, Surveys, Studies and Analysis



Franchise Business Review
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Franchise Business Review is the leading source of independent franchise information, ratings and reviews of the top franchise opportunities in the marketplace. Download reports on today’s top franchises based exclusively on franchisee satisfaction.


Other Resources for Franchise Business Data and Analysis


FRANdata - Downloads

FRANdata’s objective is to positively impact decisions at all levels of the franchise industry.  For more than 15 years the FRANdata has been the company everyone turns to for information with which to support business decisions and activities of businesses operating in and around the franchise world. 

The Profile of Franchising is a study conducted by FRANdata and published in Franchising World Magazine in March 2007.  Click to go to our Download Center and download the report.



Price Waterhouse Study  - Download

The Economic Impact of Franchising studies for the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation are conducted by Price Waterhouse each year.  These studies are quite lengthy with some being over 400 pages. In the Download Center we have many years of studies that you can download at your pleasure.


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If you are looking for great sources of information on the franchise business, the above mentioned sources are a great starting place.  If you are looking for access to additional resources regarding the franchise business, please feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will do our best to assist.

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