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Are you interested in buying a franchise but worried about finding the right franchise opportunity?

Are you worried you won’t ask the right questions or make the right decision?

Do you wonder if you have what it takes to be a successful franchise owner?

If so, you are normal. Most people have these questions.  Unfortunately, there are very few resources for balanced, knowledgeable advice on buying a franchise.

All of our books have been written to empower you.  They have been written to balance the knowledge equation between the franchisor and the prospective franchisee – you. The Educated Franchisee, The Franchisee Workbook and A Glossary of Franchise Terms are practical, easy-to-understand guides that helps you ask the right questions and arrive at clear-cut answers to ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘if ‘you should buy a franchise.



  The Educated Franchisee - Second Edition 

The Educated Franchisee is the first book you should read if you are considering purchasing a franchise. It has three primary sections:


Part One: Even before looking at any franchise opportunity, you need to start with the most important question: Is buying a franchise the right decision for me? The first part of The Educated Franchisee helps you answer this question.


Part Two: How do I tell the difference between a great franchise opportunity and a lack luster one? What tools are need to evaluate which franchise opportunity is right for me? How do I use these tools to be sure that I buy the right franchise? Part two gives you all the tools you need to evaluate whether the buying of a particular franchise will work for you.


Part Three: Signing the franchise agreement is just the start. Part three focuses on practical advice for franchise ownership: What should I expect as a franchisee? What is the first thing I should do after signing the franchise agreement? How can I make sure I am happy in my role as a franchisee?

Cover Image for The Franchisee Workbook

  The Franchisee Workbook

The Franchisee Workbook is a practical, nuts and bolts, workbook designed to assist you with your franchise due diligence.  The Franchisee Workbook provides you with all the necessary charts, graphs and formulas necessary to put the lessons found in The Educated Franchisee into action.


Within the Workbook, you will find practical exercises designed to help you –

  • Analyze if franchise ownership fits your skills and personality
  • Identify and target best-in-class franchise systems
  • Confidentially approach and interview franchisees
  • Discover if franchisees are making money – and how much
  • Evaluate the best financing alternatives
  • Obtain hidden knowledge from the Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Make a confident decision as to whether the franchise is right for you.

***  In order to use The Franchisee Workbook effectively, you should read The Educated Franchisee first.

Cover of A Glossary of Franchise Terms

  A Glossary of Franchise Terms

During the production of The Franchisee Workbook, it became very apparent that franchising was in dire need of an up-to-date, comprehensive, franchise glossary.  There was simply nowhere to go if you were looking for a well developed, thoughtful list of franchise terms.  Kind of smelled like a challenge to us.  Over the next 6 to 9 months we set about creating a glossary of franchise terms.  This glossary was created with the generous assistance of The International Franchise Association, Lee Plave of Plave Koch, Ken Kaplan, Chief Corporate Counsel of Fantastic Sam’s and The Educated Franchise.  Some of the best minds in franchising created this glossary.  Best of all, the Franchise Glossary is free.


If you wish to review the glossary on this website, Click Here

If you wish to download the entire Franchise Glossary in a PDF Format for free, Click Here


Always remember that buying a franchise is not the destination, it is the vehicle.  To have a safe trip you need a clear target, a detailed map and a reliable vehicle.  The Educated Franchisee, The Franchisee Workbook and A Glossary of Franchise Terms are designed to help you at all three levels.

If you wish to purchase The Educated Franchisee or The Franchisee WorkBook, we would suggest Amazon, please Click Here

If you wish to download free chapters from our books, free studies on franchising or A Glossary of Franchise Terms, please Click Here.

Be deliberate and thorough in your preparation … and your chances of a successful journey will be greatly improved. Educated Franchisee is a critical tool if you are seriously considering buying a franchise. 

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