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Today’s franchise buyer has some very powerful tools at their disposal as they seek to identify the perfect franchise opportunity.  One of those tools is a qualified franchise consultant.


As we discussed in detail in Chapters 9 and 14 of The Educated Franchisee, finding a franchise consultant is easy.  Finding a high quality, proven franchise consultant that can add real value to your search for the perfect franchise opportunity is the trick.  On this page we have listed Franchise Consulting organizations that have separated themselves from the pack through their long, proven track record.  All of the companies listed on this page have the following characteristics –


Experience – These companies have been in the Franchise Consulting business for over 5 years

Knowledge - Their Franchise Consultants have proven track records in franchising and/or business ownership prior to becoming a franchise consultant.

Transparency - These companies list the names, direct contact information and full biographies of all their consultants on their website.

Leadership - They are members of the International Franchise Association and abide by the IFA’s Code of Ethics.

Cost - These companies do not charge you for their service.  They only make money when they are successful in matching the right person with the right franchise opportunity.


Of course simply being on this list does not guarantee that all the consultants in these franchise consulting organizations will be right for you.  It is also important to note that there are some high quality consultants that are not associated with franchise consulting organizations that meet the standards set out above.  Use the tools and strategies found in Chapters 9 and 14 to make sure you are working with the right franchise consultant.


Premier Franchise Consulting Organizations


Fran Choice

FranChoice (Franchise Consulting)
1 877 396 4238

Trust experience – trust FranChoice. Franchising offers the opportunity to be your own boss, receive superior training and support, and get a good return on your investment. If you need help finding the right franchise, trust the industry experts at FranChoice. Our consultants will provide guidance to help you discover how franchising can help you achieve successful business ownership. FranChoice has placed more franchisees than any other franchise broker and for a good reason – we know the industry inside and out. Founded in 2000, FranChoice has helped thousands of people find lifestyle satisfaction through franchise ownership. Click on our logo to begin your FREE consultation



Other Franchise Consulting Organizations

FranNet (Franchise Consulting)
1 800 372 6638



If you are looking for the right franchise opportunity and would like to use a franchise consulting organization to assist you, it makes tremendous sense to stack the deck in your favor by starting with these organizations.

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